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Accommodation & Rates

Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp
Garura Eco-Tourism Area

Eco-Tourism involves local communities in conservation. It is the best way to support a wilderness area as it gives income to the communities and encourages them to give it protection. 

  • It gives them employment and provides a market for their produce. 
  • The money paid to them will circulate several times in their area, upgrading their living standards and providing many services. 
  • Communities also learn new and valuable skills in order to provide the services needed, such as guiding, catering, and lodge and wildlife management.

The Wilderness Africa Trust is endeavouring to implement these eco-tourism practices and benefits at Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp in the Umfurudzi Safari Area; the Garura Community Project; and in the Nyatana Wilderness Area.


Run by Iain Jarvis, this rustic camp plays an important role in eco-tourism for the area and in the awareness of the Umfurudzi Safari Area. Stunningly located in a secluded spot on the Mazowe River, Hippo Pools takes its name from the large pool it overlooks and which is usually occupied by hippo.


The chalets, cabins, and camp site are set in gallery forest and named after the beautiful indigenous trees that provide a canopy of blissful shade over rolling buffalo lawns. 200 species of trees have been identified and marked with their identification numbers in the camp area.


One of the joys of Hippo Pools is the freedom and safety to do as you wish, a rare treat in a safari camp.

  • There are more than 250km of mapped paths and hiking trails within the camp's operational area, ranging from easy, marked trails along the Mazowe River to more challenging ones into the hinterland and through the granite kopjes.
  • Visitors can go on guided canoe trips, day and night game drives, all of which offer great birding and game viewing opportunities.
  • Some 'Specials' for birders include the magnificent Pel's Fishing Owl & the Narina Trogon.
  • In the rainy season, white water rapids falls along the Mazowe, Umfurudzi and Ruangwa Rivers make for idyllic and safe swimming.
  • The Mazowe & Umfurudzi Rivers are also home to the large number of sport fish, including large Vundu, Tiger fish, Chesa, Bottlenose, Bream and Cornish Jack. Several Tiger fish weighing over 7kg have been taken at Hippo Pools.

Hippo Pools Wilderness Camp also offers overnight camping out at remote isolated sites and Mwanga Tree Hide, just 300m out of camp, overlooks a waterhole and salt lick. The Tree Hide, like the walking trails currently need rebuilding and upgrading.


Day Trips
Self-drive day-trippers are required to pay an entry fee of US$5 per person. Please note special minimum rates apply for public holidays and special events.

Accommodation (All prices per person, children up to 12 years pay 50%)
CHALETS - US $30 per person per night. (US $40 for one night only)
CABINS (No bathroom en suite or cooking equipment) - US $15 per person per night.
CAMPING - US $10 per person per night. (Towels are not normally provided)

National Park Entry Fee Payable Upon Entry
USD $3 per person
$5 per vehicle

Foot Path Map / Bird Book / Road Map
Tree book Mammal, Reptile, Fish and Amphibian Book available.

Please supply own lighting or candles. Vehicles can get near a chalet/cabin to use personal 12 volt florescent tubes. Candles for sale.

All activities listed below are additional costs. These are dependent on the season, favourable conditions and at your own risk. Please arrive 30 minutes before the departure time for any organized activity. Please sign up well in advance.

Game Night Drives
US $15 per person - departure late afternoon and early morning.
Meet at Boma at 3.30pm. Evening sundowners at viewpoint (1 complimentary drink per person) return after dark with spotlight.

Canoeing  (Separate Indemnity form required for canoeing)
US $15 limited to 6 persons per long trip.
US $20 canoeing trip one night out. (advance booking needed).
USD $5 for short trip.

US $10 for half day, for self canoeing at Hippo Pools weir, Beware of Hippos (can be aggressive).

Guided Walk
US $10 (Guide) per person

Village Tour
US $10 per person including canoe trip across the river.

Please Note
Above prices only apply if paid for prior to travel and the quotes are not binding unless payment is tendered. Cancellations after payment but before booking is scheduled are not refundable.

However postponements and/or an arrangement whereby the client can proxy his booking will be considered. All prices include 2% Zimbabwe Tourist Levy.

Please note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice


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